Świdnica is a city with over 750 years of handicraft and merchant tradition. You can see it at every step - the medieval urban layout of the Market Square, beautiful tenement houses representing the mixture of styles and the atmosphere of the merchant city.

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Investors' service at the highest level

Each potential investor receives full assistance and comprehensive information consisting of:

    * investment plots that are most suitable for individual needs;
    * an investment offer in a selected language, containing detailed descriptive, graphic information, as well as the information of the utilities of the plot, costs of implementing the necessary infrastructure elements and operating costs of the equipment and running the enterprise in Świdnica;
    * comprehensive information concerning the structure and demographic forecasts, the structure of unemployment, business environment, potential subcontractors, as well as offers of living, education, health care and leisure activities;
    * information of available concessions within the current aid programs and aid declarations in the investment process from the departments involved in the process;
    * contact and documents necessary at all stages of the pre-investment process, as well as comprehensive assistance in the investment process;
    * assistance in completing formal and legal matters related to the investment process and launching operations in the city;
    * information about the possibilities of receiving financial support, for example from EU or other funds in the commune, voivodship and country.

In addition, investor can get assistance concerning formal and legal matters related to the investment process and starting operations in the city of Świdnica, as well as assistance after the investment and starting the activity.

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Paula Pilarska- Skoruch
Expert pro - biz
Communal Investors and Exporters Service Centre
e-mail: p.skoruch@um.swidnica.pl
tel. 0748562860

Department od External Funds and Economic Development
Municipal Office Świdnica
ul. Armii Krajowej 49
58-100 Świdnica
tel. 074 856 28 89


A strategic location of Świdnica on the trade route has a direct influence on the dynamic development of the city. Świdnica is located at the intersection of the most important national and regional roads in the region, in close distance to Wrocław, the airport, borders of countries such as the Czech Republic and Germany.


Świdnica's Subzone of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone

The Świdnica’s Subzone of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone is located in the city, with the area of 167,74 ha, of which 147,74 is located in the Commune of Świdnica and 20 ha in the area of the Rural Commune of Świdnica. At the beginning of 2018, the area of lands purchased and used by investors amounted to 125,8 ha in the Świdnica’s Subzone. 41,9 ha are available to invest.More details related to Świdnica’s Subzone you can find here:   http://www.invest-park.com.pl




They have invested in Świdnica

Świdnica is historically based on the electromechanical and automotive industry. However, the economic crisis of the 1990s has made a major drop in industry. This has affected many cooperatives, such as those that employed hundreds of people. As a result, many people were left without work. In 2002, more than 6 000 people didn’t have a job. Nowadays due to the dynamic economic development only 2 300 of 60 000 residents are unemployed.

Providing  new places to work is a priority for the current city authorities. In 2004 the Subzone of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “Invest-Park” was created, which made Świdnica an object of interest for many new entrepreneurs. The current area of Świdnica’s Subzone is about 162,6 ha.

The companies that have already invested in Świdnica: Electrolux Poland Sp. z o.o., Colgate-Palmolive Manufacturing (Poland) Sp. z o.o., Klingenburg International Sp. z o.o., Nifco Poland Sp. z o.o., Forma System Sp. z o.o., AAM Poland Sp. z o.o., Galess S.j., Krause Sp. z o.o., Industrie Maurizio Peruzzo Comfort Sp. z o.o., Sonel S.A.Dolmeb Sp. z o.o., Eurotrans Sp. z o.o., Abet Sp. z o.o.,.

Project "Stay with us!"

From 2016 the Municipality of Świdnica in partnership with Stowarzyszenie Przedsiębiorców i Kupców Świdnickich, Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju, Fundacja Banku Zachodniego WBK, District Office and Labor Office conducts extensive cooperation activities between local government, local entrepreneurs and primary and secondary schools in Świdnica.

The second edition of the program has been launched in September 2017. Highly involved students take part in educational and motivational activities. Workshops on career counseling are the most popular among a wide range of program activities. The students had a chance to gain knowledge about strengths of their character, useful for designing their own educational and professional future.

During the meetings with economic education run by the Fundacja Banku Zachodni WBK, students learn how important is the ability to manage money, discover the secrets of the functioning of the market economy. An economic game with attractive prizes will be the summary of knowledge from the classes.

Thanks to the involvement of local entrepreneurs, the program includes also visiting companies located in Świdnica. So far students visited DOLMEB, PROMET, Wagony Świdnickie, KB Invest Kaczmarczyk, Bosch and Cloos.

Moreover, in order to support the development of vocational education, cooperation between entrepreneurs and secondary schools was established. It has resulted in the creation of patronage classes. Students take apprenticeships, trainings, schools are provided with equipment or learning stands.

Another branch of the program involves the project called „League of Unusual Minds” (Liga Niezwykłych Umysłów). Project participants learn programming and coding languages through great fun and modern tools.

In addition to educational activities, young people have the opportunity to participate in motivational meetings. At the end of November there was a meeting with Mariusz Kędzierski - an artist from Świdnica, who fights for his dreams despite of his disabilities.

Civic Education is another element of the activities. The President of  Świdnica, Beata Moskal-Słaniewska, conducts regural meetings with students of the seventh grade primary schools, aimed at showing the competence of local governments, their tasks and responsibilities.

So far, the program has covered over 1 000 students and 12 companies. More and more strategic partners join him- those, who see the need and sense of the taken actions.

More at www.zalogowani.swidnica.pl


Economic potential of the city

Not  only large enterprises with global reach, but also local micro, small and medium entrepreneurs of various industries and service sectors create the economic potential of Świdnica. Their ability to react to changing local and global conditions demonstrates their power, management effectiveness, ingenuity, good team of employees, the ability to increase sales and profits, openness to innovation and new technologies.

The number, condition and trades in which Świdnica's enterprises operate determine the socio-economic development of our city and constitute force of the local regional economy. For several years, we have been observing greater stability of existing companies and an increase in income from CIT and PIT taxes, which confirms the good condition of businesses in Świdnica.

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