Stadium, Śląska Street 35
Sports complex consisting of 4 multifunctional football pitches, beach volleyball court, athletics tracks (400 m, 6 lanes), grandstand for approx. 1000 people, changing room pavilion for football players and a multifunctional pavilion. In the grounds of the stadium there is also a covered area with the washing facilities (toilets, water, grill, rental of sports equipment etc.). The facility is open from February to November.

Outdoor pool (OSiR Sports and recreation center) Śląska street 35 P
Outdoor pool lido consisting of 4 pools (3 recreational and sports pools for adults and one pool for children). Pavilions with a small shelter and changing rooms and washing facilities (toilets, water, rental of sports equipment also for children, summer café). The facility is open during the summer months.

Indoor swimming pool, Równa street 9
Swimming pool 25 m x 12.5 m, 1.2 m to 4 m depth. The swimming pool is open all year round.

Ice rink, Śląska Street 35
Dimensions of the rink: 60 m x 30 m. Grandstand for 750 visitors. Infrastructure with washing facilities (toilets, water, sports equipment rental, summer-winter café). Ice rink is open for skating during the winter months. In other  months it’s available as a sports and event hall.

Open-air tennis courts, Śląska street 35
The complex consists of 6 tennis courts with the dimensions  of  10.97 m x 23.77 m, double-sided- training wall and a grandstand for 100 visitors. The tennis courts are open from May to September yearly.

Sports hall, Pionierów Street 29
The facility consists of two halls with the fallowing dimensions: large hall - 27 m x 19 m and small hall - 21 m x 10 m, changing rooms with washing facilities (toilets, water, rental of sports equipment etc.). Sports hall is open all year round with the exception of July.

Sports hall with stadium in Zawiszów, Gall Anonim Street 1
• Sports hall: dimensions 44 m x 25 m, it is possible to divide the hall into three sectors with curtains (dimensions of the rooms: 25 m x 14 m) and a grandstand for 560 people,
• bodybuilding and weight training room,
• judo training dojo (12.5 m x 6.5 m),
• changing rooms with the equipment base and washing facilities,
• Stadium with 2 football pitches, beach volleyball court, facility for ball-and-tackle and jumping (wide and high), two running tracks: one round - 250 m long (4 lanes) and one  straight 115 m long (6 lanes).
Sports hall is open during the school year. The sports hall has the disabled facilities.

Skatepark, ul. Polna Droga
The skatepark dimensions are 20 m x 40 m. The skatepark is open all year round depending on the weather.

Dom Wycieczkowy, Śląska Street 37 (Tourist Hostel) category III hostel with three star camping site (category ***)
The property has 18 rooms with full washing facilities, including 50 beds. In the house there is an activity room for 40 people and a communal room with feature fireplace room for up to 50 people. The Campsite covers a total area of 0,56 ha with outbuildings and washing facilities (sanitary facilities, technical facilities, kitchen, etc.). The property also has a tent facility for 20 pitches with a total of 80 people, 15 caravan pitches for up to 60 people. The property is available for use all year around.


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